Fort Myers Recording Studio - Palm Coast Studio

Fort Myers Recording Studio - Palm Coast Studio

Fort Myers Recording Studio - Palm Coast Studio EngineerPalm Coast Studio started as an idea in 1992 when my brother and I started writing and recording music. We began with a Tascam 8 track cassette and then advanced to an ADAT digital format. We were satisfied with the results as we started learning how to mix, add effects and record vocals the RIGHT way.

Things became more exciting when we had a song we believed was good enough to be produced in Nashville. We wanted to seek to get it published. In 1998 I took on the challenge alone and flew down and booked a studio with all class A session players. I fell in love with the “Real Studio” experience.

That original song cost me over $1200.00 to produce and record. The experience I received easily justfied the cost. Since then I have been recording and building an inventory of puslished works and client files.

Today I am thrilled that I am able to offer recording services to songwriters, who like me want to get a quality professional recording. With the technology available today it is possible to do just that. I look forward to working with you to create and record your music at an affordable price.

Thanks, Mark

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Fort Myers Recording Studio - Palm Coast Studio

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