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Fort Myers Recording Studio - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Q: What's a producer?
A producer is someone who is involved in your project, working on arrangements, checking your equipment, recommending session musicians, steering you in the right direction musically. They will see your project through completion, and help you get the best takes.

Q: What's an engineer?
An engineer is someone that operates the recording equipment in the studio, get sounds and responds to ideas of the artist.

Q: What are your rates?
Please see the rates page for details. (see pricing here)

Q: Do you do mastering?
We will manage the mastering of your project. We work with industry mastering professional. It is an art within itself and we rely on the ”Masters” of mastering.

Q: What is Mastering?
Mastering is an often over-looked but critical part of the song. Mastering involves compressing the music to be as loud as possible, getting rid of noise, and essentially giving the entire mix over all loudness, and clarity.

Along with EQ, compression and limiting, it is used to balance different songs tonally and dynamically so they all sound well balanced with each other. This is also the part of the process where the overall volume is increased to sound more like a record label’s CD.

Q: How long does mixing/mastering take?
After recording, mixing could take as little as a few hours depending on the song. Mastering because we send this out to be done it can take several days to complete.

Q: Can we bring in a CD that we want our production to sound like?
It would be helpful, just remember we can’t get it to sound exactly like it, but can get close

Q: We don’t have a bass player or drummer; can you provide this type of production?
Yes … We are musicians too and we work with a network of talented session musicians to make your project a success. We can offer our professional skills for a modest fee, if you choose a session musician this would require additional monies to be paid directly to the session player. (see pricing here)

Q: Can you compose and record backing tracks or drums for my song?
Yes we can. We can offer our professional skills for a modest fee, if you choose a session musician this would require additional monies to be paid directly to the session player

Q: Where can I find examples of your work?
On the Demo's page of our web site

Q: How long will it take to record my project?
It depends on the complexity of your song, the length of the recording, the number of instrumentation tracks, the amount of product required, your skill sets at getting your parts right, etc. etc. After a pre-production meeting we can get a good idea of how long. We have produced professional pieces in as little as 4 hours and as long 2-3 days.

Q: What type of music do you specialize in?
We work with all genres of music except, acid rock, rap and hip-hop.

Q: What is the recording process?
We will track all instruments and vocals and pre-mix them into a rough mix. First we lay down the drum track, then a scratch guitar track or piano with a scratch vocal. Then we record the foundation bass track and solid in the pocket drum track. From here we record each musical instrument and production tracks. Once the music and production tracks are completed a final vocal track is recorded.

Q: Can I bring a CD with a karaoke song and sing to it?
Yes you can … It’s one of the least expensive ways to go for a demo. However if you plan on selling the recording you should consult an attorney for copyright restrictions.

Q: Do we have to pay extra for an engineer? Can I bring my own engineer?
Our studio pricing includes the engineer. We do not allow the use of our facility without the engineer being present but you can bring your own engineer to work on your project under the direction of our facility engineer.

Q: Why should I record in a studio?
Experience and professional quality usually makes your recording sound more professional.

Q: Should we master it?
Yes, especially if you’re going to put it out on Facebook or Twitter where a lot of people will be hearing it. As for your own personal use or for just friends and family it would not be crucial.

Q: Will the engineer help me if something is not sounding right?
Yes, he will suggest but never insist.

Q: I'm a solo artist do you have studio musicians available?
Yes, several excellent ones

Q: What's the studio rate for recording?
Each project is different and we have numerous packages to meet your budget. (see our pricing here)

Q: Do you work weekends?
Yes in fact evenings and weekends are our recording times. Mid week days we can do production and mixing and strategize.

Q: Do you offer CD duplication services?
Yes we do, small quanties upto 10 can be done same day. Quanity orders are quantity based, our basic package pricing is on our rates page. We also offer full color printing on the CD face and printed panel inserts. (see pricing here)

Q: Do you offer logo design and photography services for CD jackets?
Yes, these services are available and custom quoted as required.

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